Partial discharge

Partial discharge diagnostics

Electric cabling and instrument diagnostics provides information regarding the condition of high-voltage systems and progressive insulation system degradation. Partial discharges (PD) can cause various types of faults or damage in electric networks. Early detection helps identify and repair such faults. A partial discharge measurement is a test designed to detect and analyse PD during normal operation of transformer cable lines. GK-Elektro specialises in power network testing. Our specialist team of professionals has equipment necessary to measure voltage, rectify faults or service cable lines.

Partial discharge measurements – diagnostic test characteristics

All power cables and components have a certain life span and are subjected to wear during operation. For this purpose, inspection tests are performed, either periodically or when a new line is commissioned, to diagnose systems and thus eliminate any irregularities. Partial discharges can be described as momentary damage to electric insulation caused by sudden electric field strength impact. To prevent it, GK- Elektro makes use of specialist diagnostic equipment to monitor energy flows and measure partial discharges. A test program facilitates recording signals within all measurement paths, which makes it possible to read out and analyse monitoring result values and take necessary actions.


What is partial discharge diagnostics?

Electric breakdowns may cause short-circuits, damage equipment and consumers, generate dangerous touch voltage and even cause fire breakout. In order to eliminate such hazards, partial discharge measurements are performed to inspect individual cable lines. As a result, appropriate measures can be taken to repair or replace faulty cables. Mobile systems, portable scanners and larger, transportable components are used for cable measurements and diagnostics. Detection is conducted using either mains or external power supplies, although better results are obtained using transformers and step-up transformers. However, methods employed depend on a situation and individual system conditions. GK-Elektro personnel is equipped with measuring sets and gear facilitating on-site PD measurements with a local power supply or another system, and recorded signals plus their verification create an image used for possible repair work.


Partial discharge protection

Atmospheric discharges are most frequent causes of disturbances in electric system operation. Lightning currents of up to 250 kA may cause hazardous overvoltage. Although a lightning strike poses a direct threat, it can be avoided by installing suitable, legally compliant protection devices to discharge lightning pulses. Other, also frequent, causes of fault conditions comprise high switching currents and power network defects. For this purpose, voltage cut-off devices are used, the installation of which is defined by applicable laws, standards and rules. They are helpful both in the case of s lightning current flow and excessive amperage on cable lines. Locating the cause of excessive amperage becomes important in this case for eliminating the discharge risk. The partial discharge analysis is not limited to identifying the external causes, but also those related to electric system ageing, cable wear or implementation of incorrect technologies. All of these anomalies can be detected with the aid of partial discharge diagnostics which provides both technical and operation-related explanations.

Partial discharge diagnostics – GK-Elektro offering

In power engineering, partial discharges create dangerous situations resulting in significant current surges which might generate cable line short-circuits. Cyclical measurements of occurring changes are the essence diagnostics, which facilitates obtaining an insight in line operation conditions and making necessary repairs. GK-Elektro offers professional diagnostic services. Our service offering is not limited to tests, but also includes activities necessary to repair electric systems plus installation of new cabling or components. Partial discharge diagnostics involves repairing damaged electric lines and identifying causes of partial discharge occurrence, which is one of comprehensive services provided by our company.
GK-Elektro personnel is trained on performing measurements and tests within a broad range of systems and transformers with power cable lines.
See below for our personnel’s qualifications and trainings completed:
SEP E and D licence, without limitations
Trainings on power cable testing with partial discharge methods run by Megger
Trainings on transformer diagnostics run by Megger

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