Leakage current measurements

Leakage current measurements during DC voltage tests

A current measurement is a test designed to determine whether an electric system operates as required. It makes it possible to assess the insulation wear and tear, and determine cases in which repair or replacement of systems or equipment is required. As per applicable regulations and legal standards, it is required to inspect operation of electric equipment for electric safety reasons. GK-Elektro performs periodic electric equipment tests including leakage current measurements during direct voltage tests. It is a popular method used to check and assess the general technical condition of certain electric equipment.


Cabling diagnostics with DC voltage

Insulation and electric equipment measurements are conducted to protect facilities against, e.g. fire. Leakage current measurement during DC voltage tests is a method facilitating detection of possible disturbances within the current flow. Using constant amplitude energy makes it very easy to estimate any excessive or undershot electric voltage values, which facilitates determination of the leakage current value. The amperage in a circuit varies depending on instantaneous conditions present in this circuit. Unlike variable and alternating current, direct current has a constant value, making it possible to define the current flow in a device and compare it to the corresponding voltage level.

A measuring system during leakage current measurements with DC voltage

Leakage current measurements during DC voltage tests – features

In electric equipment and systems, leakage current is demonstrated by current flowing through insulation to the earth. The resultant leakage current is defined by means of standard values for electric measurements which vary from country to country. Leakage current measurements during DC voltage tests determine whether current leakage for given insulation is within a range of values applicable to a given insulation type. All electric equipment is also defined, for fire protection purposes, by assigning various protection rating values, i.e. Class 1–3. Thus each protection rating class comes with a different leakage current value. GK-Elektro monitors the technical condition and defines voltage and leakage current values, which is vital for maintaining an entire system in a sound working condition.

Current leakage measurements – details

Leakage current values are diagnosed using specialised equipment for DC voltage testing. Such equipment is easy to transport and, thanks to its mobility, can be used in various locations, including various field applications.
A leakage current measurement during DC voltage tests is a universal method used to determine operating values for a given electric system. It is used to maintain the entire system within the acceptable voltage level limits and to define excessive or undershot current flow values. GK-Elektro offers a comprehensive range of power system and equipment tests whose periodic performance is recommended for safety reasons. They mitigate risks resulting from voltage surges, thus eliminating hazards related to short-circuits within an electric system.

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